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Investment properties

Investing in an apartment of Hübl & Partner is an excellent decision. Due to our long lasting experience and our know-how, we plan and build investment properties that are unrivalled in matters of location, fittings, facilities and design and therefore of stable value.

An investment in a property of Hübl & Partner offers not only protection from inflation, but also a substantial rental income. We provide a full service for you. Hübl & Partner takes on all responsibilities for all tasks that arise from the ownership of an investment property. It includes everything, from construction supervision and continuous renting, property management and maintenance to the determination of excess revenues and finally to income-related expenses.

By purchasing a Hübl & Partner property, you are investing in high quality real estate in Vienna's most desired areas. This guarantees above-average rental income and maximum returns.

Your securities:

o One-stop continuous renting, property management and maintenance
o Fully indexed rental income
o Protection from inflation through the net asset value
o Personal ownership of a property entered in the land register
o Extraordinary revenues and high value-add potential
o Safe returns through the rental pool

Current offers:

Current investment properties

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